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Our  abbreviation,   "OSIL"   stands  for  Ohio  Specialized Investments
Limited. We were officially formed and incorporated in December of
2011 under the State of Ohio.   We were initially formed due to many
properties that were on the market, which continued sitting vacant  
and  becoming  an eye sore for several communities throughout all
of Ohio. Through our research and investigation,  Management   has 
learned  this  is  not  just  an isolated  event in Ohio alone.  It was
therefore  decided  then,  to strategically duplicate  our  efforts  in 
other areas  and states,  creating  win-win options for both OSIL and
the local economies within  which  we  entered. The  next  state we
entered was Pennsylvania.

We  are  a  small cap,   privately  owned  company, which is taking
advantage of the many opportunities in the Real Estate market today.
We are able to obtain assets for pennies on the dollar, on average
paying no more  than 45.6%  of  what  the property  is  actually
worth.  Our  fixed  cost  and  operating structure  is  such  that,  we
save  considerable  amounts  of financial resources, compared to all
others in our industry. Due to this,  we are able to pass these savings
on  to  our residents and offer housing at a lower rate than our
competition. With our  formula  for  success,   everyone  wins, and
is able to save financially.

Management has a combined 87 years of Real Estate  related 
experience,  and  understands  how  to  navigate  through the cyclical
ever-changing,  worldwide  residential  Real  Estate Market. Our
track  record  speaks  for  itself.

(c) 2016 Ohio Specialized Investments Limited

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